Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update on Haiti

Several exciting things are happening in Haiti and they reflect the burgeoning needs we confront as we work there.

*Our Marriage Seminar in February brought 400 pastors and wives to consider what a godly marriage looked like.  One pastor's wife commented, "My husband came home and apologized for the way he had been treating me and promised to change."

*In February we were challenged by a small orhpanage housed in tents and have since, due to the vision of Nancy Stevens, begun to raise funds for a building where 25 of these children are currently staying under the direction of Mrs. Dorcely.

*In May we ministered to 350 pastors in Port au Prince and Les Cayes utilizing the text books our support team helped to purchase--"Basic Bible Doctrine.  This is a critical class in helping our pastors understand the fundamentals of the faith as revealed in the Word.

*In July a group of 19 from Grace Fellowship Church including nine teens will travel to Haiti to hold Vacation Bible School classes for over 1000 children; additionally, Wendy Chadwick, director of The Bridge, will spend time evaluating a program that currently matches 46 students form the school at Carrefourpoy with church families.

*In August, a seminar training teachers will be offered in Port au Prince as well as a teaching class on the book of Acts.  Doug and Nancy Stevens are spearheading this effort.

*In November Logan Carnell and I will return to finish the second half of Basic Bible Doctrine; after this, only one class remains for our students to complete--Homiletics--in May, 2015, prior to graduation.

It's a huge challenge to meet the needs of our Haitian brothers and sisters.  Our primary focus remains training pastors to lead and guide their congregations to the true help and hope we find in Christ.  For more information, contact me at

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