Wednesday, September 14, 2011

computers and other vices

I live and die by the efficiency of my cumputer.

What a sad state of affairs! I think of all the years I wrote notes and made telephone calls and did just fine. But now, it is almost as if I am paralyzed if my computer is too slow, or fails to comply with my commands.

In recent days I have encountered several computer virsuses (they are unwelcome visitors), a confused e-mail system, and a server speed to slow to accommodate some work needed in developing a new website. Many have tried to help from an IT man from a large hospital network to a volunteer who knows much more than I do (nothing to brag about...he actually knows alot!), to a local professional who maintains all the city systems who threw his hands up in the air and confessed, "I don't know how to fix it!" (whatever it is...)

So I am now between the dilemma of pouring more money into diagnosing a problem that may be irreparable or buying a new computer. I have had this one for 5-6 years and it was the generous gift of a special friend. Until now, it has served me well.

So here's the deal about all of this "too much information about your computer" rambling. I recognize that I have been behaving poorly, even to the point today of apologizing to my secretary who must have wondered the last few days about the scowl etched upon my face. She assured me I had been kind but I think she was being generous. And then there's the sanctuary at home where i have wandered around oblivious to the nicities and daily graces of a beautiful home and a lovely wife. mired in self-pity and frustration.

I am happy to report today that I have emerged from my cocoon of inward contortion and confusion and have greeted the world with a resolute, "I can survive without my computer". And, there is so much more to life than reading my e-mail and having an engineered website.

I am ending this now because I am off to Staples to buy a new computer.