Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Casey Anthony Escapes Man's Judgment...

I was stunned to read this morning that Casey Anthony had been declared "not guilty" of first degree murder and a number of other related charges concerning the tragic death of her daughter.

I have listened off and on to summaries of the court proceedings and the testimony offered by a variety of witnesses--some experts, family members, psychologists, etc.--and felt the evidence was compellingly one-sided towards Casey's conviction. Her pathological trail--one her lawyers admitted to--only seemed to seal her doom.

Closing arguments were drawn by the prosecution to present a case without a certain cause of death or Casey's DNA on the victim that required only "common sense" for determination of guilt or innocence. The defense, on the other hand, rehearsed the various poitns of key evidence, casting the shadow of doubt on their validity...I guess?

In the end, I suppose, the phrase "beyonds a reasonable doubt" probably trumped the day for Casey. As a result, we will probably never know who killed her daughter, or, whether or not Casey was complicit in the dastardly deed--accidentally, or, on purpose. For now she is "innocent" and has escaped the punishment of the judicial system, which, in its most serious expression, could have been death.

Here is one thing of which I am certain. Casey knows the truth. She must live with the truth. She must sleep with the truth. She will die with the truth inescapably in her mind.

And one day, she will--as all of us-- stand before The Eternal Judge. His judgment, should she be guilty, she will not escape. For He knows the truth. The Bible says, "It is appointed unto man, once to die, and then the judgment."