Monday, February 04, 2013

Post-Pastoral Ponderings

Truth is, whether pastoring an actual body of believers--or not--I will always be a pastor at heart.  here's how I know that today.

*Yesterday I was awakened to pray for my former congregation and its new leadership as they prepared for the Lord's Day.

*I was in my son's church listening to him preach, and marveling in the skillful anointed sermon he prreached, as a proud step-father.

*A close friend from my former congregation died yesterday and I spoke with his son offering comfort, while at the same time rehearding in my mkind the thirty-five years of our close friendship.

*Close friends who have relocated to the SLO area, where we are visiting and evaluating a potential move, affirmed the value of life-long relationships we formulate within the body of Christ.

*I find myself going through the paces of pastoring--How is this one doing?  I wonder if they were in church?  Did he get through his surgery?  Is their son doing bettwer?  Did he get the job?  How is the cancer progressing?  And the list goes on...

I think I'll keep the blog so that when those pastoral urges surface I have a place to openly process them.  I hope you'll join me in this seaosn of my journey.