Wednesday, November 28, 2007

reflections on a special day

The weather was unseasonably beautiful(crisp and sunny), the food was predictably scrumptious (we have great cooks!), the music was appropriately praiseful (the McCarty family outdid themselves), the envronment was "family-style" warm(there's a new word picture)...

The turnout was somewhat disappointing...but only in the sense we could have fed more and we know there were many who missed an opportunity to experience the legions of workers we had positioned to serve up an afternoon of God's love!

Still, in the final analysis, after I had joined with others imn the final tasks of scouring food-pitted pans and shining the stainless steel kitchen sinks, what stood out in my mind was only intense satisfaction!

*We fed over 225 which included 75-100 from the community who came with various needs

*We had nearly 150 workers from the church who helped in some way to make this outreach happen

*We gave out over 50 coats and jackets to needy families

*We reveled in the testimonies of many there who expressed their thanks in varied responses whose central theme was, "Thanks for a place to come where we felt loved".

*We went home tired but energized, full of turkey and overflowing with thanksgiving to God.

"Thanks be to God for His indescribale gift!" II Corinthians 9:15

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We will be saying "thanks" to God on Thanksgiving Day by feeding approximately 200 people--homeless, elderly, needy, lonely. We have a glorious opportunity--yes, that is exactly how I feel about it--to share the love of God with them and to express our thanks to God for His goodness to us!

Anout 125 of us are lined up for the task. We will begin gathering together tomorrow morning--some have already been setting up tables, decorating, cooking--and opening the doors to the public at 11:30 a.m. We are preparing a wonderful home-cooked meal, sharing special music and testimonies of God's faithfulness, and distributing gifts for each child and coats and sweaters to those who need them.

When it is all over about 75 of us will remain to share Thanksgiving together and to rejoice in what God has done.

Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sometimes I am overcome by the masses of people who need help. Today is one of those "sometimes"...

...someone needs help because their propane bill is behind and they are sleeping in the cold without heat

...someone needs help with gas money because they are homeless and have been moved from the location they had been illegally camped in

...someone need help because they are in a fractured relationship and they are really hurting

...someone needs help because everything they say seems to estrange them even further from the love of their life

...someone needs help because they are struggling to keep their head above water as they wrestle with addiction

There are alot of us who need help; in fact, at some level we all need help. To each of these who come we can offer prayer for God's guidance and direction...and $25 for gasoline, "catch up" monies for the propane so the gas can be turned on, empathy for the hurting one, counsel for the who offends without thinking, and a "pep talk" built on the promise of God's strength for the one who is trying to say "no".

Help! When you go to God you have gone to the right place.

All I have to do is direct people that way, even though the sheer enormity of those who need help--just like me--can be frightening.

I am glad "God" is what we have to offer here.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Someone mislead me this last week. They said something was true and it was not. When confronted with their deception, they continued to deny they said it, even though others affirmed they heard it as well. Their dishonesty affected alot of people.

Someone said I lied today. It was over a small thing (lies are really never "small" or "white") but the sting of those words--which were untrue--was painful for me because I value telling the truth and hearing the truth. This unwarranted accusation affected only me. I am uncertain that this person feels they did anything wrong in calling me a "liar".

Being honest is not always easy. I used to lie before I was a Christian; in fact, I told the same lies so many times it is difficult to remember what was actually truth and what was fiction. When I became a Christian I purposed to start telling the truth. The first truth was that I weas a sinner and a liar and I needed God's help to change my behavior.

That's been forty-two years ago now and I have slipped and shaded the truth since more than once. But I never felt good about it and I have sought to be honest in all of my words from that day forward.

Whether being misled--and failing to discern it--or being called a liar--and not deserving it--it is clear to me that "honesty is the best policy". That phrase might be worth remembering...