Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pulled in a million different directions...

Do you ever feel like you're being pulled ina million directions full speed without alot of time to decide which direction to go? Someone summarized that dilemma as "the tyrany of the urgent", suggesting that the only direction to go is the one that demands and dominates because of the degree of severity...

But what if there is more than one urgent option? Then what...?

My world has felt like that this week and I have been determined to make good decisions in spite of the clamoring of different voices for help and assistance. Those voices have resounded with cries for food and gasoline, family counseling, marital arbitration, comfort due to loss, respite from suffering, financial assistance, work, spiritual direction...and the list goes on.

There is an aire of legitimacy about all of these. Some seem more poignant because there is a connective link with personal history; others seem almost futile because they are a redundant expression of a recurrent problem. In any case, people are hurting and seeking direction...? or not.

Some really just want help for the moment--a gas card, a scripture verse, a word of advice. Others are looking for something long term, i.e. where can I take my alcholic family member for treatment? Or, how do I process the fact my mother is dying of cancer?

For me I have found help in the acknowledgement of the truth of this verse, "My soul finds rest in God alone", Psalm 62:1. My privilege is the opportunity to be able to direct people to that source of rest and peace in Christ, "And the peace of God which apsses all understanding shall keep yours hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Philippians 4:7)

At the end of the day, in every situation--no matter how urgent the pull in one direction--the place of rest is in the truth of God's Word and the certainty of our hope in Him.